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trees and pashminas! heres the deal. I'm walking up to coates to pick up my breakfast for tomorrow and all of a sudden as i'm walking by storch, i notice that something is horribly different. So i stop in my tracks and notice that where there used to be 2 nice pretty green trees, there are not two nice ugly stumps! THEY CUT DOWN THE FREAKING TREES! What were they thinking, this is so uncalled for!

Secondly, the episode of Freinds with the pashmina in it was on! My mom got me a pashmina for christmas because of that episdoe. IN case you dont know...a pashmina is like a nice shaw kinda thing. I havent had a chance to wear it yet cause I havent realy been anywhere realy formal since i got it. What a shame!

I cant wait till tomorrow morning, yummy bagel!
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