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So ive been reading Harry Potter latey. It's pretty fun, i must say. props to carm for letting me borrow her books. My mom has them all at home, but that is at home, and i am here so it doesnt really work well. I went to the gym this morning and that was one huge mistake. Majoy crampage.

I tried to take it much slower and I am feeling better now thanks to some Advil. Go Advil! Plus I got to come home and eat a banana and a yummy bagle. I absolutly love bagels! They are the best, escpecilly with yummy cream cheese.

Two thumbs up for Sarah helping the NA study. Thats some fun stuff. Cant wait till tongiht. Meetings and then quiz 2. kick ass! Everyone have a good day, I have to go to three classes today which totally sucks, but oh well.
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