kellie (kele) wrote,

not much...

Ok, this weekend thus far has been pretty relaxed I must say. What have i done you ask...

Friday night I redid my resume and typed up this cool cover letter. I'm applying for some internships for this summer.

Read Harry Potter, then went to bed.

Saturday morning I was supposed to wake up and go to OE, but my alarm clock had issues, so i ended up waking up at 9:30.

Then, I went to La Madeline for an alumni brunch. I got the french toast royale. Cinnamon raisin bread with bananas and strawberries on top and maple syrup. OH yea, super yummy.

Then I did some HW, then off to the gym. Then fun shower. And now, im here at the computer.

Maybe tonight will perk up some...ill let ya know!
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